Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Don't panic, I'm still alive. Although I feel desperate for my tests and maybe a little tired. But still alive. Hope I will still be able to answer that question in two weeks. After I passed my math exams for instance.

Just a quick update. Just a few pictures. Only half an hour work.
That's what I told myself three hours ago. Three hours. Three hours I should be studying. 
I feel bad. Really, really bad... 

... No, actually I don't. But I should. Sure that feeling will come when I'm staring at my tests tomorrow. When my head feels empty and the assingments are laughing at me. Or when I see that dissappointed face of the teacher, they always seem to practice that face on me. 

Let's try to save my grades in the few days left of my life as a junior. Almost a senior, I'm feeling old. Still know that day when I was young, cute and innocent. Walking through the school and looking up to all that grown-up seniors. 

Goodbye my fellows, goodluck with the last straws. Just think of the awesome summer you're gonna have and try to survive your finals.



  1. Beautiful outfit dear <3 I totally fell in love with those sneakers and your top!
    Love, Anna

  2. Prachtige outfit, staat je goed!

  3. Super leuke outfit! Je short is echt heel leuk :)
    En je zonnebril is gaaf!

  4. Oh zó herkenbaar! Mooi dat shortje met die hoge taille, gave combinatie! :) xx

  5. super leuke outfit, die schoenen zijn echt geweldig!!

  6. Leuke outfit! Ik vind je blog ook echt superleuk!

    Liefs, Jennifer

  7. Wat een onwijs toffe outfit! Je schoenen en shirt zijn echt geweldig :)

    xo Anouk

  8. Super leuk shortje,leuke combinatie!

  9. Leuke trui en ik vind die bandeau bhs altijd erg mooi, die je eronder draagt! X

  10. Mooie outfit!! Die trui is erg gaaf :-) Herkenbaar ook, dat studie ontwijkende gedrag!

    ♥ Saskia

  11. Leuke foto's! en deze outfit heeft mooie kleurtjes! Het ombre effect van je trui is gaaf! Liefs

  12. Love the ombre effect :) So cute

    Ruth x

  13. Geweldige foto's! Heel gaaf! xx

  14. You´re so cute Sara and the sweater is gorgeous! :)

  15. Wat een leuke outfit en blog heb je, kom zeker een keer terug:)



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